Bulldogs of English Purchase Contract

Bulldogs are great pets and the best partners to snuggle on the couch with. However, Bulldogs are not the type of pet you'd want as an outside dog. Before you purchase this breed or any new pet, be sure to do your research on that specific breed. 

Bulldogs of English requires aholding fee in the amount of $500  to reserve a puppy.  The holding fee will be credited towards the price of the puppy.

This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE with the following exceptions: 

1.) The seller has decided not to place the puppy with the buyer

2.) The puppy dies before the buyer takes possession of the puppy

3.) The seller finds a health or cosmetic issue with the puppy 

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The purchaser(s) understands that the puppy will come with AKC papers, however said papers will be for limited registration only. Limited registration means that the breeder is not giving the purchaser(s) rights to breed this puppy at anytime.  The purchaser(s) agrees that he/she will never attempt to breed the puppy. The purchaser(s) also agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered as soon as the puppy becomes of age to do so (or) at the best time recommended age by a veterinarian.

Puppies will not be released to their new owner(s) until they reach the age of at least 8 weeks (as long as puppy has been health cleared by a veterinarian) and the purchase price of $         .  has been paid in full.  Purchased puppies must be paid in full and picked up by the time the puppies reach the age of 10 weeks or within 2 weeks after making a deposit (whichever comes later) unless prior agreements have been made in writing between Bulldogs of English / Kolline Gibbs and the purchaser(s).  If no prior agreements have been made and the purchaser has not paid the full price of the puppy by the age of 10 weeks or within 2 weeks of placing a deposit, the purchaser forfeits all monies he/she has paid and Bulldogs of English (Kolline Gibbs) has the right to re-list the puppy for sale.  The only exception to this would be if Bulldogs of English felt it was in the puppy's best interest to not be released until a later date.  

The purchaser(s) understands that their new puppy is not fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after he/she receives their fourth set of vaccines. The purchaser(s) agrees they will not take their new puppy on any walks, to dog parks, any pet friendly store (example: petsmart) or allow the puppy's paws to touch the floors in a veterinarian clinic until 2 weeks after he/she has received their fourth set of vaccines. 

Remember, paws walking into a veterinarian clinic is the same as bare feet walking into a hospital. 

The purchaser(s) agrees to never leave a collar on their puppy when their puppy is unattended inside a kennel, crate or fenced in area. There have been incidences when a collar has gotten hooked on the wire of an inclosure and the puppy panicked, rolled and choked themselves. 

The purchaser(s) agrees they will never give the puppy rawhides, inspect toys regularly and never leave their puppy unattended with toys that can be destroyed and swallowed (stuffed animals, ropes, anything with a squeaker inside, etc.).

The purchaser agrees should he/she become in a situation as to where they can no longer keep the puppy, the purchaser is to notify Bulldogs of English / Kolline Gibbs and be willing to accept a partial refund should Bulldogs of English / Kolline Gibbs decide to take possession of the puppy. This refund will be given only after Bulldogs of English / Kolline Gibbs has the puppy examined by their licensed veterinarian. 

By signing this contract you are stating  that you have read this contract completely and agree to the terms above.  You are also agreeing that you have researched the breed and have already set up an appointment to have your new puppy seen by a  licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of taking possession of the puppy. (If the puppy is picked up on a Friday or Saturday, then the puppy should see a veterinarian the following Monday). 

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Bulldogs of English reserves the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone for any reason.